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    Cordillera Bamboo Day 2016: An Invitation

    Calling for volunteers and participants!

    This year's theme for the Cordillera Bamboo Day will be "Healing". Calling each and everyone of you to again join us in a celebration for bamboo. Let us heal the world through bamboo.

    Date: September 18, 2016

    Venue: Tuding Proper Barangay Covered Court

    For more information, contact us at info@edaya-arts.com, cordillerabambooday@gmail.com, or check our Facebook page.


  • Looking back

    Cordillera Bamboo Day Through the Years

    Cordillera Bamboo Day Groundbreaking and Declaration 2015

    A groundbreaking ceremony to kickstart the launch of advocacy campaigns to instill practicable, sustainable and creative utilization of bamboo parallel to the seven priority concerns of climate change mitigation and adaptation; as well as serving as a celebration and expression of gratitude for the life and the countless gifts of bamboo to the human society by being an undeniable generous source of life and a considerable cradle through which culture thrives.


    Date: September 22, 2015

    Venue: EDAYA Workshop, Tuding Proper, Itogon Benguet!


    For inquiries and information, contact us at +639461262008.

  • The EDGAR BANASAN crafts.

    Go, grow. Reach as high as you can. But always look down and look back to where you are rooted. 

  • EDAYA Bamboo Stories

    Accounts of the usefulness of bamboo and how it changed the lives of people all over the world.

    The "Wisdom Junction"

    The EDGAR BANASAN crafts.

    The Wisdom Junction is a bamboo installation the EDAYA ARTS CORDILLERA team created during the exhibition at the Striped House Gallery Roppongi, Tokyo last May 31-June 7, 2015. The exhibition centered on the theme Redesigning Relationships. Bringing the Kalinga Stories to Japan. Check blog for more information.

    The Bamboo Space.

    Transforming blank spaces to home.

    The early stages of the creation of the EDAYA bamboo workshop space at Tuding Proper, Itogon Benguet. Bamboo, in the Cordilleras, used to be the main material by which the people from the said area build their house from.

    The Bamboo Dome.

    Location: Shizuoka Japan

    The EDAYA ARTS CORDILLERA team, together with volunteers from the community worked hand-in-hand to construct a dome that is 100% bamboo.

    The Bamboo "chandelier"

    The EDGAR BANASAN crafts.

    This beautiful Indigenous bamboo "chandelier" crafted by an Indigenous craftsman channels light and warmth in a home.

  • News and Updates

    Capturing and Sharing the Bamboo Day experiences.

    Cordillera Bamboo Day 2016

    Cordillera Bmboo DAy 2016 event proper has been featured also by the TV Patrol Northern Luzon last September 21, 2016. Cordillera Bamboo Day was celebrated last September 18, 2016.

    Cordillera Bamboo Day 2016 Preparation

    The preparation for the Cordillera Bamboo Day 2016 was featured by the TV Patrol Northern Luzon last September 16, 2016.

    EDAYA Team live TV appearance for CBD 2016!

    EDAYA team behind Cordillera Bamboo Day appeared live on Naimbag Nga Morning Kapamilya last August 29, 2016 to advertise CBD2016. First of many appearances on the said network. Stay tuned!

    Cordillera Bamboo Day Schedule

    The official date for Cordillera Bamboo Day is September 22, but the yearly Cordillera Bamboo Day festival will be celebrated on the nearest weekend (to 22).

    Cordillera Bamboo Day 2015 Updates

    #CBD2015 preparation in full blast.

    Members of the EDAYA ARTS CORDILLERA harvest bamboo for the preparation of the Cordillera Bamboo Day Celebration.


    Click on the link to view the report of Cordillera Bamboo Day 2015.

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